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146 to 157!

jasadoorjasadoor Monthly Member

So I am sure that a 157 isn't very impressive to many. I started studying for the LSAT during December 2021 after I accepted I would take a year off before applying to law school after graduation and then realized I didn't want to do that. I took my first LSAT in January 2022 and was so stressed out that I fully jinxed myself. I got a 146 and knew I couldn't apply anywhere with that. I signed up for the February LSAT as backup in January so decided to try again. I studied for 12 days and took the February LSAT but was way calmer this time. I got my score back last week and it was a 157! I full 11 point jump in 1 month! I'm sure it's lower than most people's standards but this got me into my ideal school's score range so I'm happy!!


  • claremontclaremont Alum Member
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  • zzzscorezzzscore Alum Member
    45 karma

    That is a HUGE improvement in one month. Congrats!

  • Pisces MoonPisces Moon Alum Member
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    This is so amazing! You should be very proud of yourself! :)

  • cgran93cgran93 Monthly Member
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    Congrats!! This test is no joke, you should be very proud!

  • kaylahill4127kaylahill4127 Member
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    This is amazing

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