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137 to 171

isdmyungisdmyung Member
edited November 2022 in October 2022 LSAT 121 karma

This post isn't for those that already "have it"

This is for all my brothers and sisters who saw a long journey ahead of them with days of grinding, and plenty more discouraging days.

You can do it.

Special thanks to Owen, Ellen, Molly and Dr. D.

I will press forward for a slightly higher score.

It feels great to finally break the "7"


  • infinityandbeyond-1infinityandbeyond-1 Alum Member
    112 karma

    HUGE congrats to you! I am still on the grind to break 160 in PT.

  • MinasianLawMinasianLaw Member
    50 karma

    Good job my highest PT so far is 154, my test is in 10 days I just keep trying until I get better.

  • isdmyungisdmyung Member
    121 karma

    That is the spirit!!

  • musdelsozmusdelsoz Core Member
    118 karma

    Wow congrats, my diagnostic was the same as yours. this is encouraging while i am doing a difficult LG..sometimes its feels impossible.

  • Steven_B-1Steven_B-1 Member
    795 karma


  • aarijrahmanaarijrahman Member
    144 karma

    Fire yo!! congrats

  • trevorNYCgoaltrevorNYCgoal Core Member
    310 karma

    My exact diagnostic and you far surpassed a score I could dream off. A massive kudos and hats off to you. Congrats on your success and much more in the future. You deserve all that will come along.

    Any advice for studying, routine, tips, etc.

  • wiltwilt Member
    27 karma

    u hard

  • rneufeld17rneufeld17 Member
    12 karma

    148-162! Still a long way to go, but im excited and hopeful! amazing job!

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