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Crystal Ball January and February 2023

markmywordsmarkmywords Monthly Member

Did anyone attend Powerscore's webinar last night? They gave specific topics to study for RC, which blew my mind. How accurate are they on that? For example, they said to have a general idea who Ansel Adams is. I asked how they know this stuff in the chat and was told by other attendees not to ask questions lol.

I'm assuming this isn't new news to a lot of people, but it was to me, that LSAC is introducing a slightly new wording to LG. "Which of the following could be true, but is not necessarily true." Recent test takers in attendance confirmed they saw it on their tests. Which isn't that crazy or difficult, but I like having a heads up so I won't be caught off guard if I see it in January.

It seems like the most highly anticipated info they shared was which tests could be reused. They saved that slide for last and seemed like a lot of build up, but I don't get it. If it's an undisclosed test anyway, how is that useful or groundbreaking info? And LSAC keeps track of which tests each individual has seen, so it's fully guaranteed you won't get a duplicate.

Would love to hear anyone's thoughts who attended!


  • futureJDudettefutureJDudette Free Trial Member
    15 karma

    Missed yesterday's Crystal Ball for Jan/Feb test. Does anyone have a link or know where I can find the recording? Thank you in advance!!

  • markmywordsmarkmywords Monthly Member
    edited December 2022 95 karma

    PowerScore has decided to make the Crystal Ball Webinar recording public/free. They said they'll be posting sometime today. They'll have somewhere on their website where you can put in your email address and they'll send out a link same day.

  • markmywordsmarkmywords Monthly Member
    95 karma

    Here's the link I received. Not sure if it will work:

  • silver77-1silver77-1 Alum Member
    49 karma

    Can you send the link via message if that's okay? Thank you!

  • markmywordsmarkmywords Monthly Member
    95 karma

    Go to their website and you can get the link. they're personalized so my link won't work for you.

  • fatimahbajaha23fatimahbajaha23 Monthly Member
    117 karma

    my link is not working and it didn't let me sign in, can any one please share their notes

  • layy.vvvlayy.vvv Monthly Member
    59 karma

    Where can you access/pay for to see the crystal ball for Jan?

  • markmywordsmarkmywords Monthly Member
    95 karma

    Send an email to requesting a link. They’re pretty quick.

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