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October Curve Prediction

NYC12345NYC12345 Alum Inactive Sage
edited October 2015 in General 1654 karma
Hey all,
I thought I'd make a thread about possible curves for the exam. Yes, I know, it is purely speculation. Many people thought the exam was comparatively very difficult. In fact, Spivey posted an article about the difficulty, which can be found here (
What is the consensus on 7sage? Did you guys find the exam to be of moderate difficulty, or more or less? I think this exam was slightly more difficult than 72.


  • mimimimimimimimi Member
    368 karma
    I found LRs were difficult.
  • NYC12345NYC12345 Alum Inactive Sage
    1654 karma
    I concur, @mimimimi
  • EmergingAttorney180EmergingAttorney180 Alum Member
    133 karma
    -12 for 170 sounds reasonable.
  • PetrichorPetrichor Alum Member
    edited October 2015 359 karma
    -11 but hoping for -13 or better
  • PacificoPacifico Alum Inactive ⭐
    8021 karma
    -12 all the way...
  • nicole.hopkinsnicole.hopkins Legacy Inactive Sage Inactive ⭐
    7965 karma
    @Petrichor said:
    hoping for -13 or better
    this, a lot
  • TankstinTankstin Legacy Member
    38 karma
    I hate to be the contrarian about this, but I found the LR and RC much much easier than almost any of the score of practice tests I've taken. I truly hope -12 is the 170 mark, because my LG will be anywhere in the range of -2 to a nightmare -5 (as opposed to the -0 or -1 we all work so hard for and in turn come to expect...). But truthfully I think the test balanced itself out well, as it's wont to do, and don't see much reason for it being atypical to the ordinary -10/-11 170.
  • PetrichorPetrichor Alum Member
    359 karma
    @Tankstin I think this may be due to question type prevalence cooperating with your strengths. I found certain LR types to be really underrepresented or completely missing on this test while others were over represented. RC was typical (IMO) and LG was on the slightly easier side (but more difficult than June)
  • TankstinTankstin Legacy Member
    38 karma
    Right, I didn't mean to intimate that LG was harder than normal- it was very on par for the most recent tests. My struggle there was a result of my own silly early inference mistakes.

    You're right that the rest could have played to my strengths on question types- If I remember correctly there was a dearth of parallel reasoning at least.

    At any rate, I am used to circling 4 or 5 per LR and a few RC questions to come back to. This whole test I maybe circled 5 or 6 total, and I felt very comfortable and confident doing that. I was expecting to over circle out of an abundance of caution.
  • RM112015RM112015 Member
    192 karma
    I felt that the two LR sections balanced themselves out. One LR section was definitely harder than the other, and RC and LG were fairly representative of the 70s.
  • nicole.hopkinsnicole.hopkins Legacy Inactive Sage Inactive ⭐
    7965 karma
    I'm feeling like this thread is not super encouraging and maybe we all need to find something to do with ourselves :) The sudden openness of schedule most of us are experiencing can be a trap (and idleness invites rumination).

    So let's all go find something productive to do :D
  • PacificoPacifico Alum Inactive ⭐
    8021 karma
    @nicole.hopkins said:
    So let's all go find something productive to do
    So, start a betting pool on the curve? Over/under is -12.5 for a 170. Curve of -15 or crazier pays 100 to 1. We'll clean up!

    I feel like it was pretty obvious the curve will be -32 so I'm just going to apply to Columbia tonight and see you all on the flip side :P
  • mpits001mpits001 Alum Member
    938 karma
    how do you all feel you did?
  • PacificoPacifico Alum Inactive ⭐
    8021 karma
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