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Retaking for June

ONuellaOONuellaO Alum Member
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Hi guys!
I’m retaking the LSAT for June after taking it in february. My basic issue is timing and controlling my thoughts while i’m under time pressure. As well as Reading comprehension is my absolute WORST section under pressure.
I was wondering if anyone has any advice on how i can navigate studying. I was at a 157 on my pt’s and aiming for 160’s low or mid.
I was also thinking of just timing the sections individually to hone in specifically on my issues per section while taking one full PT a week for now?
Does that sound realistic? Just looking for suggestions.


  • ONuellaOONuellaO Alum Member
    210 karma
    Also interested in a 180 watch if anyone is selling theirs.
  • ONuellaOONuellaO Alum Member
    210 karma
    Please help guys, i don’t want this to get buried! :(
  • haggler-1haggler-1 Alum Member
    12 karma
    IMO, you have to partially block out the time aspect. What I mean by this is internally you should know how much time you have to spend on a question, but don't let it inhibit your problem solving ability. This was my problem. You have to get a sense of when you're spending too much time on a problem, cut your losses, and move on.
  • ONuellaOONuellaO Alum Member
    edited March 2014 210 karma
    Great! I will start focusing on doing that. Thank you!
  • LSATislandLSATisland Free Trial Inactive Sage
    1878 karma
    Yes, drilling is a good idea. If you know which questions you're weak at, try doing those and analyzing them well afterwards. You could try the same thing for your RC problem: print out a stack of RC from tests you've done in your previous prep. Drill them. (If you've done recent PTs (i.e. 50s, 60s), recycle those because the RC is different than the earlier tests.)

    You have ample time till June. Prep well!
  • ONuellaOONuellaO Alum Member
    210 karma
    Great!! Thank you very much!
    I plan to Drill Drill Drill!
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