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Looking for Advice in LR and RC

lorenposslorenposs Alum Member
edited October 2018 in General 41 karma

hi all, I am taking the November test coming up in a few weeks (cry) and was looking for a little advice. I have been taking PT's and now I see that I need to review some LR question types. Should I try and review the CC for those few types while I am still taking my PT's? Or don't take another PT until I have reviewed at little? I am doing great in LG and not so hot in RC, so I feel like if I get some of the troublesome LR types down then I will feel much better.

Also RC sucks big time, and trying to figure out a good strategy for myself - advice on this topic also greatly appreciated. On my last two PT's I have strived to only complete 3 passages and try to get as many correct as possible, but still don't know if that is the most effective/beneficial for me...

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  • LSAT_WreckerLSAT_Wrecker Member
    edited October 2018 4850 karma

    If it were me, I would hit the question types you identified as weak first before PTing again. A PT is a diagnostic tool to me. It identifies weak areas that I then go try to clean up. Repeated PTs will likely just continue to expose those same weak areas. I imagine a smarmy LSAT voice saying, "Hey, you were not good at these last time we danced. Why do you think you'll be better at them now?".

    I would manage expectations with the limited amount of time left and make sure you take it easy the last weak to give your brain time to process and freshen up.

    Stay positive, you got this!

  • lorenposslorenposs Alum Member
    41 karma

    thanks so much for the wise words @LSAT_Wrecker - I am planning on going over my weak spots next time I study, and then the next day taking another PT... I feel as if I partially grasp the ones I am having trouble with (since I get like half correct/half incorrect on PTs) so hopefully this will give me the extra little boost of knowledge needed.

  • Ms NikkiMs Nikki Alum Member
    128 karma

    I too am taking the November test. Last week i tried to take a PT every day - and my scores went down! ( i had a 163, 160, and then 162) Then I took some time to review based on trends (a handy tool). I saw that I was getting more sufficient assumption questions wrong and that my RC was weaker than other sections more generally. I typed out explanations to every question I got wrong similarly to how JY explains, and then watched the explanations. I drilled some RC passages and looked at tips on other threads. I also looked for general strategies like skipping, eliminating more confidently and circling questions to double check when time permits. When I took my PT today, my score went up 4 points! (From a 163 to 167) Plus I had extra time in all 4 passages.

    It seems, at least for me, that really figuring out the fundamentals and preparing a fresh mind can do a lot. I came into today's PT feeling a lot more confident. Doing too many Pts can lower your morale, especially if your score lowers (like it did in my case).

    I have heard the sweet spot is 1-2 tests a week. We only have 3 weeks left, so I plan on doing a couple 8 section (2 back to back PTs) for endurance, but really honing in on weaknesses.

    I am curious to hear other people's perspectives on this question!

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