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Question from 7Sager about addendum explaining score increase

studentservicestudentservice Alum Member Administrator Moderator Student Services

Hey 7Sagers,

We're posting on behalf of a 7Sager. They would like to get advice from you!

I took the Sept. LSAT and got a 150 and then studied full time until the Nov. LSAT and got a 165 although the second time i got an accomadation for ADD and got 20 mins extra per section. For schools that ask to explain a large difference in scores what do you recommend?


  • LSAT_WreckerLSAT_Wrecker Member
    4850 karma

    "I knew I was capable of a higher score, so I retook the test."

  • No explanation needed. Only lower scores should be explained.

  • acsimonacsimon Alum Member
    1269 karma

    @Lawschoolhopeful-4 That’s not necessarily true. Some schools mention that you should offer an explanation of large disparities (including score jumps). I believe that UChicago is an example of this. I myself got asked about this in an interview with Columbia last cycle, so it might be better to quickly comment on such disparities in your app. That said, I wouldn’t mention accommodations. There was some commotion about the increase in the number of extra time accommodations the last two cycles, and even though law schools cannot ask about this, they might subconsciously take it into consideration if offered the info. Best not to call attention to it, especially given that others probably aren’t. Anyhow, congrats on the improvement!

  • Sara_3080Sara_3080 Alum Member
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    Don't mention accommodations. Because all those accommodations did was give you as equal chance as everyone else that doesn't have ADD. It's not fair to yourself to mention it. You put in the hard work full-time, and you deserve that score! I agree with @LSAT_Wrecker , if you get asked about it, which I feel like you wont, but if you do just say the truth : you worked really hard for that score! Good job :)

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