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[Test Center Review] Northwestern University, Evanston, IL/USA

They were extremely friendly and really made the experience a little less stressful. I found the proctors from this center to be younger compare to ones from another site, thus they were more understanding and helpful. They did their job well without being mean or rude like the ones we usually encounter in test settings.

Northwestern University is has beautiful facilities, the campus is incredible and just very inspirational for a test day. The buildings are well conserved too, which is important for a test setting.

What kind of room:
The room was a typical university/college room. Very clear and bright, which for me really helps, since there is no distractions and it is easier to read in that kind of room.

How many in the room:
I believe there were about 40 people in the room.

The desks were long once piece furniture with unmovable chairs right in front of it. The proctors made each student skip a chair to sit (so there was one chair occupied and the following not), which was perfect because I had enough space to be comfortable and place my test materials.

Left-handed accommodation:
The way the desk is set up it accommodates right and left-handed students in the same way.

Noise levels:
Very very quiet, the proctors made sure the environment was quiet and they reprehended lousy test takers (in a polite manner).

They have a parking for visitors, it is very easy to find and in the middle of the campus. I didn't have a hard time with it at all.

Time elapsed from arrival to test:
The exam started around 9:00. So not too much waiting time!

Irregularities or mishaps:
None, I thought this place was perfect as a test center.

Other comments:
I been in other ones and this one was by far my best experience. Everything just helped me to take the test feeling relaxed, which is kind of rare, since I usually feel stressed even during the practices. It is definitely worth making a trip even if you liver farther away. The test center is such an important piece of the puzzle and it is better to be safe than sorry.

Would you take the test here again?
Definitely. I would recommend this test site to everyone thinking of taking the LSAT around this area.

Date[s] of Exam[s]:
February 06,2016


  • parkeunyparkeuny Alum Member
    162 karma

    Can I ask where exactly on campus you went to take test? I just registered for the July test and can't find any information about where to go. Thanks!

  • Trust the ProcessTrust the Process Alum Member
    304 karma

    It's going to be on your lsat ticket which wont be available til June since you're taking the July test.

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