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Study group for Logic Games?

HLoom1222HLoom1222 Member

I've never been in a study group here on 7Sage so am not sure if this just isn't a thing based on how study groups work/what they do together, but I'm very interested in being a part of a study group that focuses on logic games specifically.

As to timeline and starting score on the section, I'm looking to apply to law school in October and take my first LSAT in July. I'm at about -11 on games, and really struggle on time. (I can BR most games to 100% but it takes forever.)


  • FautApprendreLSAT1FautApprendreLSAT1 Core Member
    314 karma

    Hi, I am interested in this. I plan to take in April (might change depending on how my PTs are looking) and also really struggle with games. I think having a group focused on this section might be a good idea!

  • yang9999yang9999 Core Member
    419 karma

    Hey! I'm getting about -2 on average in LG so I might be able to help!

  • Elsa2readsElsa2reads Core Member
    65 karma

    I'm also interested, I'm struggling more on LG but any study session would help

  • emmorensemmorens Core Member
    1470 karma

    would love to join as well! I usually get between -5 (low) and -1 (high) but want to consistently get to -1/-2 for June

  • Lawschool20Lawschool20 Core Member
    23 karma

    I'm interested in joining as well! Please let me know! Thanks!

  • Natalia A.Natalia A. Yearly Member
    38 karma

    Interested in joining...

  • Hello everyone! Here is a link to groupme for you all to join. We can setup zoom meetings there to review some questions :smile:

  • Me too, it's my weakest section.

  • DarinnnnnDarinnnnn Member
    244 karma

    im interested!

  • HLoom1222HLoom1222 Member
    97 karma

    Sorry for the lapse in reply to my original post! Snowpocalypse here in Texas through a wrench in my prep this past week.

    To follow up, my understanding of how the curriculum works for Logic Games is that after completing the Core Curriculum (which entails working 85 of the 140 games in PTs 1-35 through in-lesson demonstrations and problem sets presented to us by game type), we should be "foolproofing" all the games from PTs 1-35, in chron order rather than by game type, (which will include 55 previously unseen games), doing about 4 games a day (per Pacifico, working on a given game at least 4 times: twice the first day, again the next day and again the following week). And then after we foolproof those games, we start to take full-length practice tests. It sounds like this will be, at the briskest pace possible, a 1-2 months process. Is that everyone else's understanding as well?

    I am now at the stage where I finished the CC and am starting to foolproof games (I'm currently just passing through in order of appearance in the curriculum to pick off games I really struggled with, and intend to go back through afterwards in chron order). I'd be interested in meeting with folks, say weekly, who are at this same stage in the curriculum: done with CC, foolproofing games for PTs1-35, and not yet taking full-length tests (or, if they are taking full-length tests, are amenable to only discussing games in PTs 1-35 for a while). Because this process can take 1-2 months and we're at the end of February, it might not be of interest to folks scheduled for the April or June test dates, as anything more than a supplement to their studies and work on PTs 35+.

    Do folks have a different understanding of how we are supposed to work through the content and build up towards regular practice tests? (I don't know how long before a target test date we are supposed to allot towards mostly PT'ing.) And who all would be interested in a Games group that "foolproofs" PTs 1-35 for the time being?

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