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Need Advice For Moving My Test Date

pmort1pmort1 Core Member
edited February 2021 in February 2021 LSAT 7 karma

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone could possibly provide some advice for the situation that I am in. I am scheduled to take the LSAT this weekend and I have been preparing since October.

Two weeks ago, I was out for a run and I slipped and hit my head. I sustained a concussion and I have not studied since as I am still experiencing symptoms. I have documented the concussion/symptoms with my doctor.

At this rate, I know that I am not in the best position to do well on the exam and I probably will not be taking it.

Given the circumstances, will the LSAC allow me to move my test date to the April exam free of charge?

Has anyone else had a similar circumstance where they were not able to take the LSAT due to a medical reason?


  • qs2159qs2159 Member
    342 karma

    There is a chance just give LSAC a call! I know ppl who changed date for free due to medical reasons.

  • 1952 karma

    first, i'm very sorry to hear that. hope you recover swiftly!

    i heard that lsac is waiving the $125 rescheduling fee for texas residents whose ability to take the feb lsat might be impacted due to the storm. i think you also have a legitimate reason. call them and ask. good luck!

  • lizzogonzolizzogonzo Member
    628 karma

    Yes you should call and reschedule, it's highly likely they'll reschedule for free despite being past the deadline. I caught covid before the January exam after the deadline had passed and they have a one time waiver for last minute date changes.

  • Glutton for the LSATGlutton for the LSAT Alum Member
    551 karma

    Call LSAC. I hope you get better soon. A possible concussion can be pretty serious.

  • kerenaaakerenaaa Member
    49 karma

    And call again if the first rep says no/you have to pay the fee. Take care!

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