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Don't give up on the process that just started

Hello Everyone I am John G. I just took the Diagnostic exam & and honestly I got a 120 on it and I feel pretty messed up about it. But Starting this LSAT Journey is something different from what I am usually going through. But Starting this what is the best way to start studying for it ? My goal is a 170 before the end of 2022. But some words of encouragement going forward.


  • ledkarlyledkarly Alum Member
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    Keep going. Just like you said in the tittle. This is a journey. Don't give up on yourself!!! You can do it. Dont rush. Don't test if you are not READY!!! seriously dont waste an opportunity. Exercise, eat healthy, sleep and take breaks (days, and sometimes even weeks!) dont burnout - seriously this will hurt your score. Set up a routine and follow it - dont just study when "you have time". Do it consistently.

    Most importantly - be gentle with yourself, dont compare yourself to ANYONE. This is your journey and only YOU know what you are capable of.

    Also the Loophole in Logical Reasoning is SO helpful.

    7sage is best for LG for SURE!

  • andrew.rsnandrew.rsn Alum Member
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    your diagnostic score means absolutely nothing! Think of the LSAT like learning a musical instrument. When you first sit down to try and play the violin for the very first time it's expected that you won't play like a pro! Once you start building your foundation through the Core Curriculum, and learning how to think and read differently for this test, you will notice a huge improvement.

    I would caution you on setting a giant goal for yourself at the beginning, go one step at a time.

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