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Mini study group

edited March 2023 in Study Groups 285 karma

Hey y'all,

I'm looking for 2 study partners to study together til the JUNE 2023 Test. In this group setting we'll meet weekly on an agreed time between us three and help each other with questions through a discussion post. We will hold each other accountable, push each other to the max and stay honest. The focus of this group will be LR and RC. I'm currently scoring in the low to mid 160s and looking for a jump to the high 160s. If you're around this range and can make this commitment for the next 3 months, comment down below and I will reach out ASAP to make this happen.

Side note: For anyone concerned about time zones, I'm located in the east coast.


  • Core Member
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    I scored 157 in November LSAT, 22. But I am fully committed to reach 170+ by August, 23. I am interested and fine with anytime after 5 pm CST.

  • yoni0218yoni0218 Alum Member
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    I'm taking in April, currently scoring in the high 160s to low 170s, but willing to give it a try.

  • odeliaodeliaodeliaodelia Live Member
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    I'm interested!

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  • valentina.soares-1valentina.soares-1 Alum Member Sage 7Sage Tutor
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    Hey there! If any of you are looking for a study group to work with consistently, I recommend you join us for our next "Study Group Breakout" on Monday, March 13th from 9:00-10:30pm ET.

    Here's how it works:

    Register for the Breakout no later than Sunday, March 12th.

    Take PT54 Section 1 (based on 7Sage's numbering - should be an RC section) and Blind Review it, but DON'T look at the answers. I suggest you take it as a "Drill" rather than as a PrepTest! You can do this by going to the "Practice" tab and choosing "Drills," then selecting "Newer" PTs, selecting "Logical Reasoning," and scrolling to PT54 S2 (NOT S4, the other LR section for this test). You will have to individually add each question to your drill, but hit "Create drill with 26 questions" at the bottom right when finished, and voila!

    Log in to the Breakout Session at the appointed time. We will automatically place you in a group of 2-5 students with similar scores so you can review the section together.

    At the end of the session, you can exchange emails and keep meeting if you enjoyed the group.

    Hope to see you there! Register for the event using this link:

  • bailey.luberbailey.luber Member Sage 7Sage Tutor
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    Hi 7Sagers!

    So sorry for any confusion; there was a typo in our original instructions to join the Study Group Breakout (see @"valentina.soares-1" comment). To be clear, the section to complete before the event is an RC section, NOT an LR section, and is listed as PT54 S1 on 7Sage. To take it as a Drill on our website, go to the "Practice" tab and choosing "Drills," then selecting "Newer" PTs, selecting "Reading Comprehension," and scrolling to PT54 S1. You will have to individually add each passage to your drill, but hit "Create drill with 4 passages" at the bottom right when finished. Hope this clears things up and looking forward to seeing you at our Study Group Breakout! Register here:

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