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LSAT Logic Games is the easiest section of the LSAT to improve. The marginal returns on this section compared to the Logical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension are huge. But, most people are still hard pressed to see improvements. Why? Because they're studying for it the wrong way. The right way to improve on Logic Games is through repetition and memorization, in other words, by "foolproofing." Watch this video that will teach you our Fool Proof Method for improving on Logic Games and get those extra points!

The Fool Proof Method guide used in the video is available for instant download here, for free.

Whenever you're ready, enter our Logic Games page. There, we've recorded video explanations for every Logic Game, ever. All in HD, with variable playback speed, and you get to ask questions. Plenty of fodder there for you to get your Fool Proof Method on.  Included in 7Sage LSAT Premium and above.