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Logic games are the hardest section of the LSAT, at first. They're like nothing you've ever seen before, and they're very confusing.

Fortunately, they're also the easiest section to get better at. It all starts by getting a good overview of what you're up against. That's why we made this video introduction logic games. Enjoy!

You may find logic games tough now. They're difficult because they're unfamiliar. As you practice, they get a lot easier. We promise.

Repeating logic games until you master them is the best way to get good at games. Our students have used repetition to score near perfect on games, and so can you.

Don't worry too much about game types. You'll find complicated classification systems in books and on the internet, but these aren't necessary and can be distracting. We just classify games as either sequencing, grouping or a mixture of the two types.

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