In this video I want to show you how to use some features that we think are very helpful.

1. Starring your lessons. As you progress through the lessons you might say hey this is very good I want to come back to it, how do I denote that I can come back to it? On the progress page there is a little star next to the video and you can click it and it turns yellow and if you click it again it will go away. You can also do this if you’re in a lesson. It is located to the left of the video title, click for yellow and if you click it again it will go away.

2. Variable playback speed. For all of our videos we have a variable playback speed. If you think I talk too fast or too slow, you can change the rate at which the video is played back. But keep in mind this only works on Chrome, Firefox, or Safari on a laptop. Sorry, it doesn't work for mobile devices yet.

3. Take notes for yourself. In all of our lessons you can scroll down below the video. Then you click Notes, and down there you can write whatever you want to write. And when you’re done writing a note, you just click save and it will say saved. If you don’t click save, it won’t save. Once it’s saved it will always be there on that lesson page. Or if you want to see all of your notes together, just mouse over Course on the menu and click My Notes and there will be the collection of notes you've taken.

4. Comments. At the bottom of every lesson is the comments section. This is where you can ask and answer questions and interact with other 7Sagers.

5. Settings. Mouse over your name on the top right of the menu and click Settings. You can change your publicly displayed name there and your password.

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