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Typically, students like to pick an LSAT test date first and then study up to that test date. That's not ideal. You know how important the LSAT is.

What if you're just not ready? What if life happens during your studies and you can't devote as much time as you should? What if you simply underestimate how difficult the LSAT is? What if you also underestimate how much more you could improve if you only had more time?

The point I'm trying to make is that you should simply decide to study.

How long? As long as you're still learning. When you think you've gotten everything out of the course and you're getting the best scores on your PrepTests that you can get, then you go and take it for real.

Click below to generate a schedule based on your available LSAT materials. We ask you to choose an end date but come back to this often and readjust your end as necessary.

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