With law school admissions officers urgently buying up the last bags of the “good” Halloween candy before they fly off the store shelves (because no one wants to be the house that hands out Good & Plentys—that’s one way to summon evil spirits), the end of travel season is fast approaching and file-reading season is about to kick into gear. So let’s take a few minutes today to check out the latest comings and goings around law school admissions.

Update on App Numbers and LSAT Registrations

When we last checked in on matters a week ago, national applicants were down 6.1% versus last year and applications were down 15.2%. A week later and we’re largely in the same place per LSAC’s Current Volume Summary report.

This is much to write home about, but the greater decline in applications may mean that applicants are finally beginning to submit that third, fourth, or fifth app of the cycle. Things could be picking up a smidge.

Meanwhile, the same report also gives us this handy table:

Apps are down at nearly 70% of schools. It’s still early, but that’s not nothing!

Meanwhile, November LSATs have gone down a smidge since our check-in last week:

However, the combined registrations for the October and November 2023 LSATs are still up 36% versus the same tests last year. That’s still enough of an increase that it’s reasonable to assume a bit of a wave once those November LSAT results hit right around Thanksgiving. This is a reminder to work on those app materials to beat that wave!

Law Fairs and On-Campus Recruitment Events

After two straight months of eating at hotel breakfast buffets and mooching free Wi-Fi from campus Starbucks, law school AdComms have the end of travel season in sight! Just one more “big” week of events and then they get to return to their offices, file away their expense reports, and reconnect with loved ones like their Tom Hanks at the end of Cast Away.

October 30

October 31

November 1

November 2

November 3

  • Boise State University Law Fair

November 4

  • Portland State University Law Fair

As always, be sure to check out LSAC’s Calendar of Events for the latest and most comprehensive information regarding law fairs.

And, as always, be sure to check out our page of law school-specific recruitment events. Of particular note:

  • Harvard Law will be hosting a virtual Q&A on November 2.
  • Michigan Law is hosting their next “Why Michigan” Q&A on November 1.

Additionally—shameless plug!—we will be hosting our latest Admissions Deans’ roundtable on the evening of Thursday the 26th. While the conversation will mostly focus on optional statements and addenda, no doubt the conversation will also turn towards other interesting subjects!