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Need Advice! For PTs and June 2022 test

BRReivaBRReiva Alum Member
edited April 2022 in General 55 karma

I am about 75% done with the core Curriculum. I have to go back and finish some of the LR practice problem sets. I’ve been doing the CC since second week of February, and been grinding non stop studying each of these sections. I started taking PTs again this weekend. And literally didn’t improve but went down in score. Has this been happening to anybody else? Since not only has my morale gone down now. I’m starting to panic With test date being June 11. And I can’t even break into the 140s yet. With the score I need for my score being a 146-148.
Any advice would super appreciated!


  • Chris NguyenChris Nguyen Member Administrator Sage 7Sage Tutor
    4323 karma

    Hey there,

    The issue could be a number of things, but I think 7Sage tutoring might be able to help if we talked to you a little bit to figure some things out!

    If you're interested, feel free to schedule a consultation with us so we can take a look at your analytics and figure out a plan of action for you. Even if you're not ready to purchase hours, we'll try our best to set you off in the right direction to better increase your score.

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  • BRReivaBRReiva Alum Member
    edited April 2022 55 karma

    Thanks for getting back! Last night I took another PT. Specifically PT 37, and went up by 6 points from my other test on Sunday. From a 131 to a 137. Which positions me about roughly 8-10 points shy of my desired score for the school I am looking at.

    I will keep your advice in mind too! As I keep going through these PTs.

  • BRReivaBRReiva Alum Member
    55 karma

    Went up again! 138!

  • maloriehensonmaloriehenson Monthly Member
    14 karma

    Can you plan to take in August as well?

  • josh.r8964josh.r8964 Alum Member
    66 karma

    I've found that over fixating on the cc can only go so far. I would keep up the prep tests to drill in all the habits in a test setting and see if things increase.

  • BRReivaBRReiva Alum Member
    55 karma

    Yah I’ve been drilling PTs nonstop for over a week and a half now. And I’ve seen steady improvements. Beginning of last week I was at a 132 and tonight I just broke a 139. So I’m starting to see a slow and steady upward incline!

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