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FULL June/August 2022 Study Group aiming for 165+ (PST)

ashleysaponashleysapon Monthly Member
edited May 3 in Study Groups 16 karma

****hope to get a small group of around 5 people that want to mainly prioritize LR and just hold each other accountable for studying !! current PT around 159


  • averyanna.jamesaveryanna.james Monthly Member
    21 karma

    Located in Arizona. Scoring mid-high150s. Looking for an accountability partner as well and I enjoy silent study most but open to discussion. Looking to prioritize LR and RC.

  • averyanna.jamesaveryanna.james Monthly Member
    edited April 27 21 karma

    Aiming to hit 165 or higher on August exam.

  • Lola OlaLola Ola Monthly Member
    4 karma

    Hey, I'd love to join the group.

  • dmlang22dmlang22 Monthly Member
    102 karma

    Also PST and interested in improvements in mainly LR and LG

  • abhinavmehra113abhinavmehra113 Monthly Member
    8 karma


  • Matt SorrMatt Sorr Yearly Member
    1048 karma


  • MissAmbitiousMissAmbitious Monthly Member
    18 karma

    Would love to join! On EST

  • DBV29XCIVDBV29XCIV Yearly Member
    10 karma

    Hi, count me in. PT at 130 but hoping for a fluke though for me.

  • Hakan123Hakan123 Yearly Member
    17 karma

    Hey guys, I also PT 159 and need a 165+.

  • Lucky4YouLucky4You Monthly Member
    38 karma

    I am PST scored 158 on my first LSAT looking to score 165+

    Need help with LG am strong in RC.

    Would love to join this group.

  • Catherine-12Catherine-12 Monthly Member
    24 karma

    Hi I would like to join the group too if possible. Trying to score 170+ (hoping by the August date, but might have the LSAT in September due to conflicting school schedule.

  • just_justinejust_justine Monthly Member
    40 karma


  • chimichurri-1chimichurri-1 Alum Member
    8 karma

    would love to join

  • DK123456DK123456 Monthly Member
    129 karma

    Getting 160 on PTs now and would love to join

  • smoothlikebuttersmoothlikebutter Monthly Member
    10 karma

    Would love to join! Currently low 160s but hoping to hit 170

  • jmart821-1-1jmart821-1-1 Monthly Member
    6 karma

    I would like to join, currently scoring a 159, testing in June need a 165 or higher

  • johnytajwjohnytajw Monthly Member
    8 karma

    I would love to join. Highest PT was a 150 :/ but any improvement is my goal

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