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  • @akeegs92 You're a legend, thank you ! great info
  • @akeegs92 said: Vandy. Most mobile school from what I've seen. I feel like WUSTL isn't as mobile outside the Mid-West area. This becomes an issue if you are trying to go to CA. If you're getting serious money from theses 2 schools, you are def…
  • @ajcrowel said: Not sure if it’s too late but big law at either of those schools is worse than a coin flip. If you’re set on LA and you want big law you might do better with UCLA, USC, Loyola, or another California school. But Vanderbilt has…
  • @Kermit750 said: Do you have an idea of the location you would like to practice? Yes I want to practice in Los Angeles after graduation.
  • @LSATcantwin said: This last weekend was a major deposit deadline for them. The interview is the same as the first except there is a timed writing portion (15min sections) also Awesome! ty, I was a bit confused as to why they would have a se…
  • @"Seeking Perfection" said: You are going to want to have a few components. Thank them for their consideration. Tell them they are still your first choice. Tell them why they are your first choice(be specific with examples of programs, a …
  • @akistotle said: You’ll need a header (with your name, LSAC number, and “Personal Statement 1 (page number)”), but I don’t think you should have a special title for your statement. Got it, I'm a bit confused about this: So would it be Perso…
  • I also took it at the same location (Long Beach) and they took away my watch 5 min before I entered the room, I agree the conditions were horrible. The bathroom rule is completely ridiculous; people were waiting since 8am and had to use the bathroom…
  • I shall make a trip to the local liquor store then
  • While waiting in line the so called proctors were actually checking inside the bags and 2 of the ladies told me that everything was fine. But once I got to the front the main guy who was in charge of everything tells me that I would have to toss it.…
  • @thisissparta said: Regular splitter: GPA < 25th, LSAT> 75th Reverse splitter: GPA > 75th, LSAT < 25th Soooo in my case I would be a reverse splitter for the school I am looking at applying. How does one determine or approxima…
  • Gotcha thanks! I always thought that they sent the scores through email and you just open it to see your score.
  • When will the scores be out? I checked online it said Oct. 12 but do they release them early morning? And do you need to log into LSAC to see them ?
  • The last PT I took was on Saturday and it was the highest I have scored. So I don't know what to do. I'm lost lol.
  • So take it and not grade it then ?
  • TheMikey
  • The reason I am confused about the A+ thing is because I had about a 3.83 GPA at CC and a 3.93 at a UC upon graduating, but my LSAC gpa is a 3.85 so I am confused as to how that helped increase my GPA lol. I feel like something is off
  • One of my Junior College professor who knows me very well has agreed to write me a LOR. But for my second LOR; I emailed my university professor but he said he didn't remember me (:/ SAD), so I am deciding if I should contact another one of my Junio…
  • I too have this problem with the NA questions, but have not conquered it yet. Glad to hear that it is doable though. Any suggestions on things to look for or patterns that you have picked up on ?
  • Yes all of them have been proceeded, I had two institutions. Is it because I have not purchased the CAS (Credential Assembly Service) yet?
  • there is like a column of gray on each side for mine, although the vertical portion of the picture fits perfectly. As long as they can identify you from the picture does it matter how much gray space is actually present ?
  • I have the same problem, I hope someone can clarify. I am unable to make the image fill the entire square.
  • @"Alex Divine" said: I simply re-read the passaged untimed and write line citations near any of the answers. I'll often read it twice during blind review too. Can you explain what you mean by "write line citations near any of the answers". T…
  • I'm interested!